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Simone lectures on design and the process of identity at creative conferences and universities internationally, as well as giving workshops and classes. With her interest in people and stories, Simone encourages her students to find a focus for their creative endeavors that really gets to the essence of who they are and what they stand for. She believes that creative development is closely connected with personal growth.

Program selection:

NFTs, digital art and digital assets
Presentation at the elleXX - «Close The Gaps Evening» at Karl der Grosse, Zurich

Portrait alumna: Simone Züger, designer, artist and entrepreneur
Lunch Talk at Z-Kubator/Zurich University of the Arts

Design & Economy
Lecture at the Zurich University of the Arts / BA Design

The value of design
Panel discussion at the Festival «Forward» for Design and Creativity in Vienna, Austria

Woman in leading positions
Panel discussion at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts HSLU, Lucerne Switzerland

Who are you: 99 questions about the self
Lecture at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Berlin Germany

The courage to face the unknown
Talk and presentation at the Design Festival «Forward», Zurich Switzerland

Identity – Who do you really, really, REALLY are?
Workshop, Studio SZ, Zurich Switzerland

Burn your portfolio and launch a rocket
7-Day Workshop, GDK – School for Graphic, Design and Communication, Zurich Switzerland

Shape your portfolio based on your goals
Workshop GDK – School for Graphic, Design and Communication, Zurich Switzerland

Hack yourself: A process of unfolding, discovering and creating
Presentation at Paris Design Week, Paris France

Ladies, Wine & Design conversations
A salon night held bi-monthly limited to ten creative ladies on different topics: Goals, Creative Process, Your Own Boss, Ca$h, Future Directions, Designer as Author and many more. Zurich Switzerland

Personality – what is your core essence?
1-Day Workshop, Hotel Greulich, Zurich, Switzerland

→ Conversation series: «Ladies, Wine & Design»

Simone Züger: untere Bildstrecke

Upcoming public workshops in Zurich
(not only for designers)

→ Upcoming workshops
What do you really really REALLY want?
Who are you? What are your values? What do you really, really, REALLY want?
In this three-hour workshop we will dig into these questions and analyze your current situation and your future direction through hands-on exercises. Move from chaos to clarity and make stuff happen.

For detailed information (program, location, fee, ...) and to reserve your spot please email me. Maximum six participants.