Creative Direction & Design

Partnering with specialists among film, photography, programming and text, the design service combines conception and realisation for digital and print mediums to build bold and engaging experiences in different disciplines. The main focus is on brand identity, packaging design, magazine design and (high-end) special-editions for clients who value the power of design. Together with the clients we never shy away of challenging the status quo.

Magazine Design & Special Editions

Conception, layout and realization for various editorial design projects including the lifestyle magazine for Migros, a monthly program for the popular nightclub «Zukunft» in Zurich, High-Signature Eventbook for UBS Wealth Management and special editions for Art Basel.

Branding & packaging Design

Development visual identities, logos, poster, websites and packaging design often including hand-lettering, type design/calligraphy and illustration. Shop the products for «Delikatessenmanufaktur Ludmila Laube» at Globus and Jelmoli, all the products for the Italian food and beverage store «Genovas» at their own shop at Idaplatz in Zurich.

Picture Concept & Creative Direction, Interior:

Creation, storytelling imagery and picture concepts for commercials, ads, fine arts, interior brands as well as for independent clients.